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INAPI (Chile) and SIPO (China) sign Cooperation Agreement ...   read more

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Welcome to Estudio RaulLlovet - CHILE






         International Intellectual Property Experts

We have built a reputation for honesty, clarity, creativity and tenacity in the pursuit of our clients’ requirements. We achieve them through the highly focused prosecution, protection, defense and enforcement of patent, design and trademark rights in Chile. We believe strongly that our role is to provide a positive service giving the benefit of our expertise to every client. We do not just service, we build a long standing relationship on integrity and trust in partnership with our clients.

Our first aim is therefore always to be responsive and alert to the instructions and information which our client provides, but we do not carry out instructions passively, instead, seek positively to make additional contributions using our expertise. This approach often leads to beneficial changes in a proposed course of action, considering local practice and regulations, and has value for all of our clients.

We aim also to treat the intellectual property rights of our clients not in isolation, but as part of their legal, commercial and industrial environment, for example in licensing and other IP and commercial related contexts.




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